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The Other Me

Narrative Body

The Other Me is a contemporary dance piece for two dancers. The creation embodies the way we develop our identity in relation to the "other", body, relation, person or a side of our selves. The "Me" is invented and re-built, confronted to its multiple temporalities. The body is seing as a moving entity which evolves and transforms over the course of the time, constantly rebuilding its image and the self.
The Other Me

Contemporary dance 30 min

Narrative body / Production 2021-2022
Choregraphy / Johanna Henritius
Scenography / Claire Camous
Dance / Chloé Hennemann, Claire Camous

Artist-in-residency: L'Entre-Pont, Le 109, Studio Antipodes, Le Volatil, Les 8 Pillards, KLAP Maison pour la danse, Arsud

Video teaser / Youri Cayron, Photo/ Vanessa Trojani

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